Moon Film Reviews: Their Finest, The Zoo Keeper's Wife and Rules Don't Apply

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) thinks that 'Their Finest' is one of the finest films they've seen this year, boom, boom. It boasts a collection of our finest actors (boom, boom) acting at their finest (boom...ok that's done). The story is superb, the script is superb and we must make a special mention of Miss Arterton's accent. Marvellous!

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) thinks that 'The Zoo Keeper's Wife' is also a very fine film. It is a fascinating, heroic story. The script is very good, the acting is top notch (and not just the animals) and once again we must salute an accent. This time it is that of Miss Chastain. Brava!

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) wonders if the reviewers who have written critical reviews of 'Rules don't apply' were watching the same film as Your Cultural Correspondent (Film). For, dear readers, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) thoroughly enjoyed the flick. Again, a fascinating story, a very good script and superb acting, not least Mr Beatty who gave us, a possibly timely, character study in a megalomaniac billionaire.

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