Moon Film Reviews: The Greatest Showman, All The Money In The World and Molly's Game

'Felice anno nuovo' - #ABitofAlternativeCulture from Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) there.

Now for #ABitofCulture proper. What better way to start 2018 than with a triptych of three superb films adapted from true stories: 'The Greatest Showman', 'All The Money In The World', and 'Molly's Game'?

'The Greatest Showman', even allowing for the 'interesting' singing of Mr Hugh Jackman and Miss Michelle Williams, was excellent: a great story, a great script, great acting, great songs, and great dancing. All inspired, of course, by arguably 'The Greatest Showman', Mr P T Barnum.

'All The Money In The World' demonstrates once more the truth of that idiom 'every cloud has a silver lining': had Mr Kevin Spacey - who? - not found himself embroiled in what he finds himself embroiled in we would not have been able to witness one of the stand-out performances of Mr Christopher Plummer's career. Indeed, so excellent and gripping is Mr P's portrayal of Mr J P Getty Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) did wonder why the studio went against Mr Ridley Scott's desire to cast him in the role in the first place. Plaudits too to the script writers, other players, especially Miss Michelle Williams, Mr Mark Wahlberg and Mr Roman Durais, and to Rome and the Italian countryside which never fail, of course, to give of their best.

After the diptych of Miss Williams' performances, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) witnessed an astonishing performance by Miss Jessica Chastain in the marvellous 'Molly's Game'. A very good film all round, the acting, including that of Mr Idris Elba who deserves an 'applauso', the script, and the reflections its provokes, justified or no, on the 'justice' system of the United States of America.

If all 2018's films continue thus, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) thinks that this year will be one of positivity, at least in relation to #ABitofCulture.

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