Lana Del Rey - Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, No Kung Fu and More May Jailer

Sparkle Jump Rope Queen is a Lizzy Grant alter ego from around 2006 - 2008 and below is an imaginary album of recordings that I think are from around that time. Most of them were on A Best of Lana Del Rey Parts 1 or 2 but there is now a full length version of You're Gonna Love Me aka God's Plan as well as a demo version Pawn Shop Blues, which I prefer to the produced version on the Lizzy Grant/Nevada album, and the more recently "unreleased" Let My Hair Down and Your Band is All the Rage.

At the end is four acoustic demos from the No Kung Fu EP which has been highlighted on the Moon but not in the A Best Ofs. Bright Lites and Yayo would both appear on the Lizzy Grant/Nevada album, though Bright Lites was turned into a dance track when it sounds more Nirvana inspired in demo form. I think Yayo is one of her finest songs and here it is raw but beautiful. The two exclusive tracks, Jimmy Neco and Get Drunk are both pretty good.

It has been a bit quiet in Lana land for a while but then recently some more May Jailer material has surfaced from around 2005 in two EPs called To the End and Young Like Me.

MOON ADVERT: Check out  A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Part 4

The seven new songs have been added to Sirens Extended Moonmix

They are all very pleasant and all fit well into the Sirens album without adding a standout.

A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Parts 1 &2 have also been edited to be a bit more consistent and to not include any of the tracks below. So Part 1 now has a track from the sprawling Part 2 and a couple from Part 1 have gone to Part 2. Part 2 is now less sprawling and more consistently poptastic so Backfire, Butterflies part 1, Live & Die and the demo of This is what Makes us Girls have been taken out. They could all have massive international pop hits for other artists and can still be found on Grooveshark, Youtube and probably SoundcloudPart 3 now includes Strange Love and Playground which I think are the last good "unreleased" tracks from 2013.

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