Sirens Extended by May Jailer (Lana Del Rey) -on the Moon

More stuff from Miss Grant, might actually be her actual debut. It does include "For K" which one would assume pre-dates the excellent "For K part 2". If you like the demo version of that and the likes "A Star for Nick" floating around Ubend then you should rather like this - "Sirens" by May Jailer. Lana Del Rey as a folk siren but otherwise the songs have familiar themes....

Update -And now updated to include the 6 new tracks released on the To the End and Young Like Me Ep

Moon Advert - Check out A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Parts 1-4 and more on The Moon

Another Update: This is the version of Sirens that was originally on the sadly expired Grooveshark. It is now embedded using the BTNT player

It should work on PC, Tablet or Mobile. It does not expand to show all 19 tracks but you can scroll through them and click on each track to play them and the bottom left had box will play and pause the playlist. If you double click on the timer bar it will FW or RW.

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