An Imaginary Soundtrack from Blur on the Moon

Back in 1992 they did in fact intend to do a soundtrack for a film by Storm Thorgeson who was an old friend of Syd Barrett. They began recording all of these tracks around this time*. However the film never happened and Food did not want a soundtrack for an imaginary film as a follow up to Leisure.  It is Blur at their most Syd Barrettesq - if Syd fronted Led Zeppelin...It is now available direct from the Moon via....

Update: Grooveshark has sadly expired so below is the Imaginary Soundtrack as available via Spotify along with Deezer etc. Below that are the 3 embedded tracks now only available via "the one that got away with it" - Ubend.

One of which is the Andy Partridge studio version of 7 Days which is quite different to the BBC session live version that was on the Grooveshark playlist and there are a few other Partridge versions of MLIR era songs in Ubend.

And now back and exclusively on the Moon: Gorillaz Live on the Moon

* The William Blake Poem A Poison Tree was added as the verses to "Magpie" when Parklife was being recorded and came out as the b-side of Girls and Boys.

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Unknown said…
ANDY Partridge!
Syb FromtheMoon said…
That for spotting the typoid obviously not the DJ from Norwick
Syb FromtheMoon said…
I did get is right here at least
Cindy Dy said…
It's enjoyable to learn more and more from your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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