Gorillaz : Live on the Moon

Gorillaz have always been much more than a "cartoon band", especially when it came to the "Escape to Plastic Beach" tour, for which Mr Albarn assembled a band that included Paul Simonon from The Clash and Mick Jones also from The Clash, but also from the Gorillaz inspiring Big Audio Dynamite.

This is the band that performs most of the tracks in the playlist below, on a tour that also brought together Snoop Dog, De La Soul, Lou Reed, Little Dragon, Neneh Cherry with Manc legends Mark E Smith and Shaun Ryder along with the National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music. The tour, like the whole project was/is a great example of collaborative working led by a man who has learnt the hard way from allowing his ego to get the better of him at the height of Britpop.

The barnstorming version of 911 recorded with D12 is surely one of the best things Mr Albarn and Terry Hall have been involved in. Songwise, there are some of Mr Albarn's finest moments like Hong Kong, Dirty Harry, White Flag, Every Planet We Reach is Dead, To Binge, Tomorrow Comes Today and, together as one track, is the Demon Days Trilogy - his very own Bohemian Rhapsody. While other tracks are opened up and improved live, such as Kids with Guns, Rhinestone Eyes, Broken, and O'Green World.

According to Wikipedia, the carton band may return as Mr Albarn, and Mr Hewitt have apparently made up and plan to release a follow-up to Plastic Beach. In the meantime, Mr Albarn will soon be releasing a "solo" records made in collaboration with Richard Russell and for more Gorillaz like sounds check out the new album from long term Gorillaz collaborators Deltron 3030  - the track featuring Mr Album is one of many highlights.

The Moon also has some sounds from Mr Albarn's other band: A Best of Blur and an imagined lost LP An Imaginary Soundtrack.

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