If You Found This It's Probably Too Late - A Best of the Rest of the Arctic Monkeys on The Moon

The Arctic Monkeys National Treasures whilst still in their twenties and they will soon no doubt have their fifth straight number one album. They were the Rock n Roll representatives at the Olympic opening ceremony and are even back in the top ten of the singles chart. This marks a change from the anti-marketing of their last two albums with singles only available to buy in Oxfam stores and B-sides charting higher than the A-sides as well as everything they have ever officially released being made available on both Deezer and Spotify, along with more unofficial stuff on Ubend and Grooveshark. The new campaign has been a bit different but very successful as the single Do I Wanna Know? released with no fanfare just in time to open up their Glastonbury headline set has now been hanging around the top 40 for 10 weeks and Why'd you only call me when you are high? went straight into the top 10. It is their first CD single for many years and includes the B-side Stop the World I Wanna Get Off with You and has a fancy video uploaded to Ubend. They have also used a very clever marketing trick of a song and a penny for free with HMV:

"You can pick up the single 'Why'd you only call me when you are high?' in-store for just 99p and if you keep hold of your receipt you'll also get £1 off the price of the album when it's released."

However what underpins this success is that like many great bands they have released a large number of non-album tracks that are at least good enough to be on an album and in a many cases a B-sides that are as good if not better than the A side. Check out a best of them in the playlist below.

All bar two of the tracks are available to sync via Deezer or Spotify for subscribers. The two unavailable tracks are Wavin' Bye to the Train or the Bus which is the best of the demo's that made them a fan made MySpace sensation but sadly did not make the first album or any of the singles and then a fantastic cover of the apparently The Smiths inspired Love Machine by Girls Aloud. 

Update: Sadly Grooveshark has expired and so below is a Spotify version plus the two unreleased embedded via Ubend below it. It is also on Deezer.

If you find the Arctics a bit hard on the ear then it is possible to appreciate Alex Turners Alan Bennett/Jarvis Cocker like tyke witticism with  the Submarine soundtrack and then the orchestral sixties style power pop of The Last Shadow Puppets - Mr Turners brilliant project with Miles Kane. 

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