Moon Film Review: Deepwater Horizon

Now you may not know this, but Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) judges every song by what it might be like if it were sung by Dame Shirley Bassey. Given that, they passed their entire journey to the cinema wondering why it is that the great Dame has not covered any of the songs performed by the superb Imany. They wondered something similar about the track over the closing credits of 'Deepwater Horizon', too.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks it is a very good film indeed. Excellent acting (in particular un applauso for Mr Wahlberg and Mr Russell), very good script and marvellous soundtrack.  It became ever more gripping and affecting and made for a very satisfactory return to the cinema after too long a break. A shame, though, that there was not more focus on the environmental impact of the disaster, but perhaps that can be covered in a sequel, possibly narrated by Mr Al Gore.

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