Slow Club - One Day All Of This Won't Matter Any More on The Moon

This is a second Moon post for this duo from Sheffield Sex City in God's Very Own County, EU. Their last LP contained Complete Surrender, the top pop moment of 2014, that in an ideal world would have turned them into international superstars, but we do live in a world that is far from ideal. However, their last album was a bit of a breakthrough, and so this new LP has been recorded in Virginia , USA at Matthew E. White's "Spacebomb" studio. 

The LP has been given good reviews despite the lack of anything approaching Complete Surrender. It has a less immediate impact and is more of a grower, and I now think it is more consistently great than its predecessor. The sound is very rich, and it is unashamedly retro M.O.R, tapping into 70s Fleetwood Mac, Americana and Soul.

It is very much a his and hers LP with vocal duties shared evenly, but it makes for a pretty cohesive whole despite their reportedly more separate lives and writing styles. 

In an interview from last year, Rebecca Taylor said her perfect live scenario would be "like Shirley Bassey...with a full grand as possible with me in a red dress on top of a piano.....Charles is really into guitars and pedals, all the stuff that I don't care about."  This does illustrate the difference between them, but it may be what makes them a great partnership.  And I hope she will have her Dame Shirley moment one day; Give Me Some Peace from the new LP could well be one for the Dame. 


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