Slow Club - Complete Surrender on the Moon

There is a lot of great new music out there at the moment but this album has really stood out for me.  It has a most misleading cover which made me expect gothic tinged indie rock but instead it is bold, brassy and diverse Top Pop.

The marketing types will find it hard to pigeon hole but if it reminds me of anyone it is the latest LP from Joan As Policewoman. The image above is a still from the video for the brilliant title track and lead single and it represents the album well if not the band who consist of "multi-instrumentalists Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, with Watson contributing piano, Taylor contributing drums, and both performing guitar and vocals." It is their third LP but it sounds like this album is a bit of a change from the previous apparently folky indie rock and the comparisons with the White Stripes - though further investigations will be necessary and whenever Daniel Radcliffe recommends music in the future I will take more notice. It was also a pleasant surprise  to discover that they hail from Sheffield Sex City  in God's Own County. Check it out via Spotify below.


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