More Mitski on The Moon and Rick Redbeard is now on Spotify

Mitski has recently released Puberty 2, which is the follow up to Bury Me At Make Out Creek, one of my albums of 2014, as featured on The Moon

Puberty2 is not quite as good, but it is different and varied. It opens strongly with Happy, which introduces some great freaky sax, and the whole album is more eclectic in sound. Her lyrics are still as honest as the likes of Lana Del Rey and Jenny Lewis, and on Crack Baby, she is also Del Rey like in sound and subject matter.

Unlike Bury Me at Make Out Creek, the whole of Puberty 2 is not streamable in full on Bandcamp, so below it is embedded via Spotify.

Rick Redbeard has also recently released his follow-up to his debut solo album No Selfish Heart, which was one of my albums of 2013, and was also featured on The Moon along with a lot of quite prescient guff on the great streaming debate, as Mr Redbeard had taken the album off Spotify.

Now both LPs are on Spotify and in all the other usual places. Spotify might well have won round another streaming skeptic as Radiohead's new album is also now on available, although they have admitted that they were in talks to limit the Radiohead album to their 30m paid subscribers, and it reportedly only did not happen due to technical difficulties. It would be a shame to end up with such a two-tiered system. The deluxe editions of their early albums are still not available, which does mean their finest moment in only on Ubend - for now.

The new Rick Redbeard album is just about as good, and very similar to No Selfish Heart, but with a bit of a lighter sound and a more positive outlook. It does get a bit too M.O.R on The Night is All Ours, but some of the other tracks could be folk songs hundreds of years old, which would not be out of place on the Dark Britannia series. There is also a brilliant duet with his sister. He is also the lead singer of the Phantom Band, but this is very different from their alternative rock that, despite being very well regarded, has never quite managed to float my boat.


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