Mitski - Bury Me at Make Out Creek on the Moon

I have been off grid in God's Own for a bit, but I did manage to sync this album just before I left, on the recommendation of the AV Club. I managed to check it out a couple of times and this was enough to figure out it was special. It kicks off rather like Sparkle Jump Queen era Lana Del Rey but then soon becomes far more like The Execution of all Things era Rilo Kiley and like Miss Grant and Jenny Lewis she writes great and honest lyrics.

It turns out this album was first released back in November last year but was then re-released in March. It is also her third album and the first two are "orchestral" as they were recorded whilst she was at in music school with a lot of classical musicians who were happy to help out. She definitely does not conform to any stereotype - she is based in Brooklyn USA, but she has a Japanese mother and was brought up in various parts of the world. You can check out the new album below via Bandcamp and all three albums are on Spotify and Bandcamp, but sadly only the latest is on Deezer.

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