A Best of Rilo Kiley on the Moon

Rilo Kiley is the band that the supremely talented Ms Jenny Lewis was the singer for from 1998 till 2011. Below is a playlist of what I think are their finest moments chronologically by album. The first 8 tracks are taken from the various releases of their Initial Friend Ep and from their debut album Take Offs and Landings. The various tracks on the EP did show a lot of promise and variation but I find the album a bit flat except for the likes of the ambitious Plane Crash in C which is a good indicator of what was to come. The album that came next The Execution of All things is, I think, their best. It has a great sound - a combination of Pixies/Breeders rock n' roll with tinges of folk and county along with consistently great songs.

There next album More Adventures contains their most famous track Portions for Foxes thanks to its inclusion on a TV show but it was a bit of a move to MOR territory which no doubt pleased the marketing types but the result was not as compelling as The Execution of All things. Still some great stuff is included below along with a couple of great B sides. By the time their last album Under the Blacklight came out it may have been the case that members were more interested in their other projects and the album was more of what the record company wanted  - still some cracking tracks included and again two great B sides and a lovely out-take from that time that was not released until till last years Rkives rarities compilation.

If below floats your boat then I would highly recommend the 3 non Rilo Kiley LPs Jenny Lewis has released: The folky Fur Rabbit Coat with the Watson Twins from 2006, the diverse but brilliant Acid Tongue from 2008 and then I'm Having Fun Now with her other half Jonathan Rice from 2010 which manages to have the charm of very early Rilo Kiley, the sound of Execution of All Things as well as match the poptastic brilliance of Portions for Foxes  - it is also available on Deezer unlike her previous two solo LPs* but you can find them on Grooveshark. More Adventures from Rilo Kiley is also oddly not available on Deezer or Spotify. Her new solo LP produced by non other than Ryan Adams is also imminent.

*They are now on Deezer along with her great new LP -  Voyager

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There was originally an embedded playlist from Grooveshark here bit sadly on 1 May 2105 Grooveshark expired. So below is a Spotify version, but before it is a few tracks not on Spotify but on Ubend.


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