Sara Lowes on the Moon Eventually....

The Joy of Waiting is very fine newish album from Sara Lowes and is rather like Nadine Shah, another great singer from the land north of The North, deciding to do an album that sounds like a combination of the best bits of The Charlatans and The Divine Comedy.

It is an album I had been looking forward to since the release of the EP All For The Dream (With The Means Of A Well Planned Getaway) late last year which included the brilliant I Find You. The EP started with an instrumental called Lets start with an instrumental and I think the start of an LP is a good place to have an instrumental as long as it does not go on too long - longer ones are best kept for for the last track. However, on first listen to the album on Deezer it seemed that the album started off with a intrumental and then another one - in fact all the tracks not previously released were instrumentals, which was rather odd for an album from a singer songwriter with a brilliant voice.

But then a Ben P Scott‘s RW/FF post on God Is In The TV included the track JB Priestley and it included lyrics!? So I then checked it out on Spotify and found the same problem but then also figured out that the whole album is also on Soundcloud and so thanks to the wonders of Music+ I was able to sync it to my phone lyrics and all.

I did pass on the info to Deezer who initially came back with the standard "Some rights holders choose to not make music available to streaming services" but when I responded with "I get the impression I am not being taken seriously again.* The album is there it is just missing the vocals on most of the tracks. It is the same on Spotify so I guess it could be a strange decision by the record company but I would think it is more likely to be a mistake." They then responded with "Sorry for the confusion. Thank you for sending us the information. This will be a big help as we continue to improve the Deezer experience. Your information has been passed on to our development music team."

Well a month has passed an the situation is the same on Deezer but also on Spotify, Google Play and Xbox Music. Why the record company would do this on purpose but then have it on Soundcloud is nonsensical but you can check it out via just about any old device via the playlist below and hopefully it will be properly syncable at some point on the above services. 

It turns out the first track is pretty much an instrumental bar one line and it does go on a bit - I would have liked to do a playlist that started with Lets start with an instrumental and included the other two fine non album tracks from the EP but you can at least stream/sync them from the usual places.

She has also released one more album and a six song mini album both of which are on Spotify but oddly are not available to UK. Her last album Back to Creation is on Deezer (with lyrics) but not the mini LP and Google Play has the same material available as Spotify but all her releases are available to Xbox music subscribers.

She has previously played keyboards and backing vocals for the Earlies and for various other artists from Jim Noir to Marina and the Diamonds and is now based in the land to the north west of The North.

* See the section on the Tweedy track -  number 26 in part 2 of A Best of 2014 


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