Bhi Bhiman: Rhythm and Reason on the Moon

I am really just reposting what GIITTV posted last week, but this is the first new album for quite a while that has floated my boat instantly. I defy anyone not to like the opener Moving to Brussels and it continues to be great, with great sounds and lyrics that are amusing and seriously political. The album title it very appropriate as is GIITTV's description of him as a "soulfully subversive singer". The only part of it that does not work for me is the cover. He should be massive but, as Wikipedia describe him as "a first-generation Sri Lankan-American folk-rock recording artist whose voice and songwriting have been favorably compared to Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen", he is very hard for the marketing types to categorise.

To me, it is Soul with Soul reminiscent of Myron & E but also very up to date like Cody ChesnuTT or Janelle MonĂ¡e. Check it out Bandcamp below or in any of the usual places including, I presume, that fancy new thing Apple have just invented....


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