Caroline Rose on the Moon

Another great artist I have discovered this year who's first, self released Kickstarter funded album called American Religious, came out last year. It is a great album which was available to stream in the usual places but now isn't.

Instead below is her debut on a "proper" label called I Will Not Be Afraid and it is a good album but not as great as American Religious which is thankfully still available via Grooveshark. The title tracks of both albums are also on both albums though they have been re-recorded. Most notable is the track I Will Not Be Afraid which was the last track on her first album in acoustic form and is the kind of song Woody Guthrie would be proud of and is possibly the track that got the record company interested as on the new album it is electrified and was the lead single. The other tracks are not generally so instantly gettable but they are worth a bit of patience and I hope there is s lot more to come from one so obviously talented.


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