Moon Film Reviews: Darkest Hour and The Post

Like almost everyone else who has seen it, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) thinks that 'Darkest Hour' is a splendid film. The acting is superb as is the script - and the music. But, best of all, it is a film that both Leavers and Remainers (at least amongst our political class) can draw the wrong lessons from.

You can see them now, one side getting all excited about the Churchillian leadership and somehow missing or overlooking the excruciating telephone call when Mr Churchill was endeavouring to negotiate what we might call a 'trade deal' with Mr Roosevelt. Then there's the other side, some perhaps admiring people parading their consciences about, talking of what we might call 'meaningful' action, only not to actually undertake any when presented with an opportunity. So a film with something for everyone to misunderstand and misinterpret.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) approached 'The Post' with some trepidation. Would it in fact be a film about Mr Trump with Mr Nixon being the cover? Well, after listening to a scintillating script and witnessing some mighty fine acting, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) was pleased to be able to reflect on a rather balanced film. No matter how bad Mr Nixon was, it seemed he was only trying to cover up the bad that had been done by his successors too, at least in relation to the Pentagon Papers. A valuable lesson then: that the behaviour of one President should in no way divert us from an honest appraisal of the behaviour of other Presidents.

Overall, two very good films and hopefully not too political #ABitofCulture.

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