Ryan Adams Recent Decent on The Moon

This post could be called Ryan Adams Recent Decent vol 2, as it follows on from Ryan Adams 2014 and is A Best of his equally prolific and diverse output since. This year he has released Prisoner, which has been very well received critically and hit the top 10 in Brexshit Blighty and in Trumpyland. Like his two other most recent LPs, it is coherent and consistent, but stylistically it is not my favourite mode of Ryan, as I am not a big fan of the music of The Boss and I have never found the supposed Smiths influence all that apparent, although  Anything I Say to You Now does at least have a chorus I can imagine Morrissey singing.

When the album was released, the End of the World vinyl box set was also announced with all sorts of extras including 17 "B-sides". Thankfully, they have recently been released in the usual places and even on Soundcloud. It is mainly Ryan in M.O.R mode, but it is a bit more rock n' roll and diverse, and can make up a very fine 11 track LP.

Since Christmas 2014, he has also released 5 more 3 track PAX-AM singles, which have continued to showcase the more diverse breadth of his talent, and the tracks from them make up many of the highlights in the playlist below. By accident, rather than design, there are 8 tracks from Prisoner, 8 "B sides" and 8 PAX-AM single tracks.

To check out a best of his early non-album tracks, from the days before it could all be just put on Spotify etc see Ryan Adams Re-Demolition on The Moon

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