Springtime Carnivore on The Moon

Greta Morgan with Katy Goodman. 

This is the first LP I have come across for a while that has instantly floated my boat. Springtime Carnivore is the solo incarnation of Greta Morgan. She came to my attention due to the release of Take It, It's Yours - her acoustic punk/new wave covers collaboration with Katy Goodman of La Sera fame, who featured on A Best of 2016 part 1 on The Moon

Ms Morgan is a multi-instrumental  LA-based singer-songwriter. She was previously a member of the Chicago-based The Hush Sound and then formed the band Gold Motel, who released one album back in 2010. This is her second LP as Springtime Carnivore.

Like Jenny Lewis or Angel Olsen, she has a wonderful voice and produces Americana-tinged modern rock n' roll. The sound is consistent, but also varied with some great synth sounds, and Under The Spell is a Top Pop moment to rival Shut Up Kiss Me by the aforementioned Ms Olsen.

Check it out via the wonder that is Bandcamp below. It is also streamable from the usual places.

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