Angel Olsen on The Moon

Another great album of American rock n' roll on The Moon, and another follow-up that is an improvement on the previous record, her second LP Burn Your Fire for No Witness. Hi-Five did feature from it on A Best of 2014 on The Moon

It was the finest album that I came across that year to not get a Moon post. It was a bit of a slow burner and rather melancholic, but adding the two tracks from her 2013 single did give it a bit of a lift.  

This new album is a step up in every way, as it combines a more polished and at times epic melancholy, with some great Top Pop moments to make a more varied and brilliantly produced record. 

Ms Olsen is from St. Louis, Missouri, USA and earned musical chops in her 20s as part of Bonnie "Prince" Billy's band. Her forename is also most apt as her voice is stunning. 

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