Damon Albarn OBE and The Heavy Seas (mostly) Live on The Moon

2015 was not such a productive year for Damon Albarn OBE, apart from a new Blur record released to great critical acclaim and commercial success, but it was mostly recorded in 2013. He did also write a musical based on Alice in Wonderland, which was not so well received. 

In 2014, he released his debut solo LP, and The Selfish Giant was included on  A Best of 2014 part 1 on The Moon. This was my guff that went with it.

"A great track from a great album, but also one of the few that he has not done a better live version of with his brilliant band. I do hope a live album is being considered that could include some of the great versions of tunes from Mr Albarn's previous incarnations."

Well, in November 2014 he did release a double live album of The Heavy Seas after each of their shows at the Albert Hall, but they were only available to buy at the venue. There is a version on Spotify, but it is not available to stream here in Blighty.

So here on The Moon, we have live versions of all 10 of the songs from the non-iTunes version of the album. All feature The Heavy Seas, bar the solo version of The History of a Cheating Heart.  Then there are four tracks from his various other projects and three great versions of Blur tracks with The Heavy Seas. I think all the tracks are better and/or different from their originals. One further track is by Blur, and it is a great version of their first comeback single - Under the Westway.

2016 might well see a new Gorillaz and The Good the Bad and Queen records, but for now, you can enjoy Damon Albarn OBE, and The Heavy Seas (mostly) Live on The Moon - culled from the depths of Ubend.

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