Moon Album of the Year: Du Blonde - Welcome Back to Milk

An album that did not get a Moon post at any time soon after release as it took me a while to get round to checking out. When I finally got into it, I was putting together A Best of 2015 part 1. After The Show did brilliantly end part 1 and now A Best of 2015 on the Moon and the great video for Black Flag was also Moonshared soon after part 1 was published.

Du Blonde is the new incarnation of Beth Jeans-Houghton, another very talented lady from the north east of The North. With her Hooves of Destiny, she produced a fine LP back in 2012, and the brilliant Lilliput featured on A Best of 2012. It was a great mixture of folk, psych-rock and 60s pop. They went to LA to record a follow-up, but it did not work out, and they disbanded. 

Unlike her LP with the Hooves, Welcome Back to Milk sounds very much like an LA record, like PJ Harvey at her very best, but with some added dramatic flourishes and it is the album that I have come back to most over the year. After The Show is just one of twelve brilliant tracks and the sound is just amazing modern rock n' roll, brilliantly produced by Jim Sclavunos - a member of Nick Cave and Bad Seeds and Grinderman. Check it out via Spotify below.


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