More Mark Steel, Feeds from The Independent, Standard Feeds Updated and Pocket to Moonblogsfromsyb

The Independent has followed suit with the fellow Lebedev-owned London Evening Standard and gone all Drupaly funkay on us, and as with Standard, each contributor has their very own feed. So, my request in my open letter to Ebny Lebedev has finally been realised, and the least rubbish UK national newspaper no longer has an un-followable website that is nearly as bad as the time warp found behind The Times paywall.

This means that the feed and blog I created for Mark Steel's Independent articles can now be powered by an actual feed from The Independent and not by the one I created using the Feed43 service, and so the blog should now update much sooner.

I have created another Feed43 Mark Steel Feed for his occasional articles in The Daily Mirror and the blog has been renamed Mark Steel Articles Feed

It is no longer quite a blog for feed but a blog with a feed, as its RSS feed is now the Blogger feed that links to posts on the blog from the new Independent feed and the Feed43 feed from The Mirror.

The titles will link to the blog, but each entry also has a link direct to the article in The Independent or The Mirror.

Like The Moon, the blog has a RebelMouse powered home page that does not show blog posts, but The Independent and The Mirror feeds via Facebook and this explains why the actual posts from The Independent do not have an image, but they do have large ones, mostly featuring Jeremy Corbyn, on the home page.

And you can sign up for email alerts via RebelMouse or from the feed, and it will continue to feed into Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

The Moonblogsfromsyb contributors from The Independent now also have an Independent feed, but the feeds are rather media lite and for some reason don't work with Feedburner. Therefore, I have created new Feed43 feeds for Mr Chu and Mr McRae and they, along with one for Anthony Hilton from The Standard, make the Moonblogsfromsyb - The Economy Stupid category a lot more colourful, with some lovely images of bankers and Curious George.

The transfer of the both The Standard and The Independent to the new sites regarding the RSS feeds has not been that smooth and, at The Standard, the initial feeds I did hook up to Moonblogsfromsyb did have rather odd URLs and the author pages have since had new feed URLs. 

I hope that on both sites, it has settled down now, but for feeding Moonblogsfromsyb, I have replaced them all with more media rich Feed43 feeds that, like The Independent ones, have been burned to Feedburner and so also have email alerts.

Finally, Moonblogsfromsyb is also being populated by the odd article from Pocket via IFTTT and directly. For more detail on this, and for each new Feed and email alert option, check out the About page of Moonblogsfromsyb.


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