Dråpe on The Moon

Dråpe with their lost lead singer Hanne Olsen Solem.  
This album of shoegaze/psychedelic noise pop from Norway actually came out this month and in Norwegian Dråpe means drop, which is appropriate.

It is their second LP and in the past they have been compared to Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Tame Impala, Beach House and My Bloody Valentine,  bands that are all sonically great, but ones I file in the style over substance category.

However, they have said that this LP is influenced by Beatlesque psychedelia and it is less shoegazy and a lot more poptastic and so they remind me of the band that has most successfully combined the best of Revolver era Beatles with the best of My Bloody Valentine (with some added dub reggae)  - The Boo Radleys

Oddly they have not yet been mentioned in relation to Dråpe , but the sound is very similar as is the transition from a more shoegazey sound to a more psychedelic dreampop sound - My Friend the Scientist is even a bit dubby. They are a bit more electronic than the Boo's but that just brings to mind Martin Carr's post-Boo work as Brave Captain

Like Melody's Echo ChamberDråpe may well have not been influenced by the Boo's or Brave Captain but they just got to the same place with the same influences. It is interesting that the most Boo like current artists are not from the UK but from OTHER parts of Europe.

The next LP or a live show from Dråpe should be quite different as they have lost their lead singer, Hanne Olsen Solem. She has been replaced by a former member, but singing duties have been transferred to the guitarist.

Check it out via Spotify below and their previous releases are all in the usual places and at Bandcamp


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