A Best of Bravecaptain from Martin Carr on The Moon

Best known for the brilliant Boo Radleys but he was Bravecaptain from 2000-06 and produced some excellent stuff. Songs of the usual Boo quality, but more electronic, though nothing that would surprise any fan of some of the more interesting and electronic Boo material, or a Super Furry Animals fan. A Best of Bravecaptain on Spotify from the Moon:


It is now available to play directly on The Moon on any old device via  Playmoss It is a service that allows you to pull together tracks from Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Ubend into one playlist.

It can still be found on Spotify here and converted to many other streaming providers with Soundiiz

Also on The Moon A Best of Martin Carr on Spotify

You can listen to and download his latest releases along with much of the Bravecaptain/Martin Carr catalogue at the Sonny Boy Bandcamp page.

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