Diane Coffee on the Moon

This album came out a couple of weeks ago but at the time I could not check it out so easily as my Orange Mobile Deezer Premium account was mysteriously made inactive. After some pretty good customer service from Deezer and some awful from EE it was eventually restored, but it did involve being told twice by EE reps that I should not have a Orange Mobile Deezer Premium account, only for them to eventually figure out that I should, but I have no idea if they actually did anything to help.

Anyhow back to Diane Coffee -  he is Shaun Fleming the drummer in Foxygen, a band that contributed a highlight to A Best of 2014 on the Moon It is his second solo album and he has done a bit of a Father John Misty in that his music is bolder and brassier than the band he drums/drummed for.

It does kick off pretty Foxygen like but then gets more like Queen, in their 70's pomp, trying to do classic soul and being remarkably and weirdly successful. The only drawback is that he messes about with his voice a bit too much, so that it can be a bit tinny on the likes of Soon To Be, Won't Be, but the 3 tracks starting with Govt are a totally poptastic threesome, that all sound very melodically familiar and classic - it is hard to believe the chorus for Everyday has not been written already.

Check it out via Spotify below.


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