Moon Film Reviews: 'A Walk in The Woods' and 'Everest'

Now, to begin with, a bit of context.

As we made our way down the stairs to the screens on the Fulham Road, before was a man of middle-years, signet ring on little finger of left-hand, you know the type, and a pensioner couple of unstable footing, each with walking sticks, accompanied by their daughter who was guiding them step by step. The man of middle-years was chatting to the threesome. 'I know the writer, but the actors are unimportant'. 'Except Redford, of course', retorted the female pensioner.

Later in the auditorium, the signet-ring one came into his own when, during the pre-film adverts, he walked over the two women in the same row as Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) and told them he'd come to see the film not listen to them talk. Bravo! For said ladies were speaking so loudly you could hear them over the adverts. Welcome to the Fulham Road.

Anyway, if you are able to suspend your disbelief on many levels (not least the age of Mr Redford given the character he's playing) and you want to see lots of lovely scenery and witness a star turn by Mr Nick Nolte, mouthing vulgarities and hilarities, then 'A Walk in The Woods' is the film for you. Funny and in parts moving.

And, if you want to see lots of lovely scenery, not least the sublime Miss Emily Watson, and have your thoughts provoked and be moved, then 'Everest' is the film for you. A friend of Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) described the film as 'a disaster movie'. That's not quite the right description. Leaving aside the 'acting' of Miss Keira Knightley, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks the film is more of a 'psychological thriller'. Well worth seeing.


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