Moon Film Reviews: Ricki & the Flash and Earl and the Dying Girl

The "mother" -  none other than Meryl Streep. 

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks that if you want to see some fine acting (not least by the daughter) and hear some mighty fine singing (not least by the mother) 'Ricki and The Flash' is the film for you.

It has the added benefit of being rather moving in parts and rather funny in parts too.  Lovely!

As for 'Me and Earl and The Dying Girl', Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks it's a shame you have to sit through some ninety minutes of nonsense (interspersed with in their case inappropriate laughter from two members of the audience) before you get to witness some fantastic and very powerful acting. Un applauso to the young stars for those fifteen minutes of playing.


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