CleP means Brexshit: The 2017 General Election Guide from The Moon

Image courtesy of Martin Carr from his new single - a song that says it all.

The guide to voting in the 2017 General Election from The Moon is just the same as the one for 2015. For more detail check it out. You need to register to vote by 22 May and you don't even have to provide your national insurance number, nor do you have to have your polling card to vote.

Now it is more pressing than ever that anyone who considers themselves vaguely progressive should vote for the candidate most likely to stop CleP winning. CleP being the former Conservative and Unionist Party which has now become the Conservative little englander Party led by a malfunctioning robotic creature from another galaxy, and supported by a rabid Brexshit print media, who both have a Dalek-like attitude to any oppostition. The foreign or non-resident tax-avoiding billionaires who own the Brexshit media also help fuel, with fake news click bait,  the shadowy right-wing Trump/Brexshit social media operation, owned by an American hedge fund billionaire, which is now being investigated by The Electoral Commission 

The only hope is a bottom-up alliance of progressive voters on the ground voting intelligently. All the evidence shows that progressives/remainers are generally better educated and informed - well show it.

There was no chance of an actual progressive alliance when the main opposition is so hopelessly divided in parliament and because of its leadership. I am not anti-Corbyn, I think he is a principled, honest and decent. In another age, he could have been a Prime Minister like Clement Attlee, but it is not 1945 and he has never had a chance due to the opposition of the establishment and the vast majority of the media it controls.

This means that any bottom-up tactical voting will not have much success this time because a significant minority of liberalish centrists (ie normal people) will be influenced by the relentless anti-Corbyn propaganda, along with a supposed "fear" of the SNP holding  the balance of power in a "coalition of chaos". To me, this fear is utterly unfounded as the SNP have only been a very positive and sensible force in Westminster and I hope they are stick around for many more years.

CleP have already managed to win three of the "metro" Mayors due to a significant minority of liberalish centrists preferring CleP to Labour as their second choice. Tim Farron really ought to make it clear that voting CleP in any way is far more sinful than any sort of legal sexual activity...

I do hope many of these liberalish centrists might correctly decide that there is no way that CleP can lose and vote to limit the landslide. The best we can hope for is that progressive parties, unlike in 2015, actually get more votes than the reactionaries.

However, we are very likely to be stuck with what, those who should be our closest allies and partners, must increasingly view as the Erdo─čan of Downing Street and with a elected dictatorship voted for by no more than 3 out of 10 UK subjects with a right to register to vote.

But post 8 June, the robot from another galaxy will have to face reality and Labour may sort itself out, get united and elect a  leader who is less easy to vilify and mock, and one that realises that there is little chance of Labour forming another Westminster "majority" minority government in Brexshit Britain or, if it comes to it, a little england UK of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (for a while at least). And one that wants a country with a real constitution and proper representation and devolution.

Register, vote tactically, especially if you live in a constituency where the combined progressive vote could beat CleP, see to find out, and try and convince the odd Turkey to not vote for Christmas.

Your best hope is to point out that many leading Brexshitters align themselves with the likes of Trump and Le Pen, who in turn see themselves as the same as Brexshit, as does most of the rest of the world who are anti-Trump and Le Pen. Brexshitters/CleP saw the Trump presidency as an opportunity for Brexshit Britain and rushed over the pond to hold his hand, and many actually hoped the election of Le Pen would mean they would have a Brexshit ally in the destruction of the EU.

Historically, they represent the isolationists, the appeasers and the collaborators. As Florence Reece first wrote in 1931 and Billy Bragg re-wrote in the 80s and in 2011 - Which Side Are You On?

We have President Macron and the Eurozone is seeing its best growth for years, but despite this growth in our nearest and biggest single currency market, we are getting poorer, as inflation has become higher than wage growth. We are already poorer because of Brexshit and this is an actual fact, not a lie emblazoned on the side of a bus.

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