Avers on the Moon

Last week did see the release of two very fine new albums from previous Moon offenders - Morton Valence and Nadine Shah but this week we are going back to 2014 and an artist new to the Moon. 

The Avers were only recently brought to my attention by the AV Club with a post featuring a rather good brand new track and I have since got into their brilliant 2014 debut.

They are from Richmond, Virginia in the good old US of A and are a "supergroup" made up of various members of other local bands - The Head and the Heart's Tyler Williams and James Mason from The Mason Brothers, James Lloyd Hodges from Farm Vegas, Alexandra Spalding and Adrian Olsen from Hypercolor and Charlie Glenn from The Trillions.

The collaboration clearly went very well and the band has become much more than a side project, with a second LP due out this year. They describe themselves as "Psychedelic pop. Blistering garage rock. Fuzzed-out shoegaze" and have been compared to The Dandy Warhol's, but I think that rather undersells them. The garage rock tracks are more like Ty Segall at his poptastic best - it is hard to believe that the songs had not already been written. The psychedelic tracks remind me of Blighty's very own Temples at their very best, whilst Evil kicks off sounding rather like Muse but then turns out to be actually rather good. It gets better in the second half, with a bit of Americana tinged psychedelica and the introduction of the brilliant voice of Alexandra Spalding, and I hope her vocals feature a bit more in the next LP.

If they hailed from Blighty or even New York then they may have been heavily featured in the likes of the NME and on BBC 6 Music but now, but this may well change - as they were very well received at the latest SXSW festival and if the follow-up matches the greatness of their debut. Check it out via Spotify below:


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