A Best of the Return of the Vaselines on the Moon

The first brief incarnation of The Vaselines in late 80's is essential listening for any fan of rock 'n' roll and even if you have never heard them before 3 of their tracks might well recognisable and all 19 of the tracks plus alternative versions they recorded are available to stream on one compilation. After their initial split Eugene Kelly did have a bit of success with Captain America/Eugenius and the very good album Oomalama from 1992 is also streamable.

In 2010 The Vaselines returned with Sex with An X and while the cover art did not compare to previous ones the music did and with a bit extra Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra.

They have just released a very good follow up V for Vaselines with slightly better artwork but the music is less recognisably Vaseline like. It does remind me of Malcolm Middleton or late period Teenage Fanclub at their most upbeat which is obviously no bad thing. Also added in below is Chips and Cheese a track Mr Kelly did for the excellent Whatever Gets You Through the Night compilation from 2013 which is up there with the finest Vaseline moments.


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