Dark Horses on the Moon

The playlist below is from an LP and an EP released back in 2012/13 but brought to my attention, as ever, by God Is In the TV making their new single track of the day recently. They are like the best bits of PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan Band and the Delgados mixed together to make classic, atmospheric but very up do date rock n' roll brilliantly produced by Richard Fearless of Death in Vegas fame.

That said the album may well have been a bit of a let down when it came out as it did not have that many new songs on it and it also had a rather pointless version of Talking Heads Road to Nowhere. However, if the you add in a few tracks from the Future Atmospheres EP and you do have something rather special. After Sanningen On Dig, a gorgeous cover of a song by Swedish singer Tomas Andersson, there are some optional extras - a cover of the Doors Hello, I love You which is much more interesting than the Talking Heads one and an interesting remix of the single Radio and finally the instrumental Young Womens Blues.

They are a bit mysterious in this transparent age which is rather refreshing. All I know is that they are Brighton based and the singer is half Swedish and a new album will be out soon and is said "to have more rhythm in it, more power to the performance. It is less about tone and layers". If it is anywhere near as good as below it will be a candidate for album of the year.


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