Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence on the Moon

I did not expect to be doing a post about this album, is not as if she needs any extra exposure but I am amazed that is is all over Ubend and an Grooveshark days before its official release. So no exclusive with iTunes just one bonus track that has also been uploaded straight to her Ubend channel and I presume it will be on Spotify etc from next week which is all completely different from what happened with the last BeyoncĂ© album but as was pointed out recently Born to Die has now sold more than the last two BeyoncĂ© albums combined.

So maybe it is the right way to go as the Arctic Monkeys have shown that just letting your songs be easily available everywhere has not dimmed their popularity along with not giving a damn about the single charts. Maybe all that is really important is the the music is great. Ultraviolence is mostly great and better then I hoped, it is mainly a sadcore rock n' roll record that she apparently re-recorded "after finishing it in December of last year, following a meeting in a club with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys".  Like the marketing of the record it is bold and brave and it will probably top the charts everywhere but not sell/stream as much as Born to Die but I don't care about that just as long as Elizabeth Grant gets to carry on doing whatever she likes. Below is the full deluxe album as on Spotify album except I have not included Florida Kilos as it is just not up to much. Also re-ordered it a bit...

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