Moon Film Reviews - Monuments Men and Her

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) has passed a most unsatisfactory day at the cinema.

'Monuments Men' was an enjoyable romp, but
did nowhere near justice to the subject matter nor to the calibre of the players.  Still, the music was lovely. Un applauso to Alexandre Desplat.  

'Her' was as boring, maudlin and self-regarding as the main character.  But, the safety-pin was marvellous. As was the music.  Un applauso to Arcade Fire, Owen Pallet and Karen O.

The day was not totally unsatisfactory due to two things.  First, the large screen advert for a long weekend in York.  Second, seeing part of one of the Greek Poems on the Underground.  It is an extract from 'Amorgos', by Nikos Gatsos, 'How much I have loved I alone know'. How true.


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