The Hare And The Moon on The Moon

Thanks to the ever-marvellous God is in the TV  blog I have come across the brilliant sounds of The Hare And The Moon from Scotland. Self-described as Spookfolk and I would say as cool as folk. I think it is mainly ancient folk songs brought up to date in the most noirish way possible. There might be some original compositions and some not so ancient - such as Crazy Man Michael from Richard Thompson and Puck's Song is a Rudyard Kipling poem. It is perfect for the long dark winter nights. Check them out on the Soundcloud playlist below.

On Deezer and Spotify, there are just two songs currently available via compilations, but I do hope that when they do release their new album, it will be available via the more secure streaming sites.

Update - all of their albums are now streamable and downloadable from the wonder that is Bandcamp

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