A Best of Dark Britannia Part 2 on the Moon

Yet more Spook Folk on the Moon! Rather longer after Part 1 than I expected. We Bring You a King with a Head of Gold from 2010 is the least spooky of the four releases but has a lot of great songs done in the more traditional folk style including The Hare and the Moon at their most uspooky with a song about ravens hoping to eat a dead knight that was first published in 1611.

It was therefore a bit hard to miss many out and I did think that Part 2 might end up rather longer than Part 1 but then John Barleycorn Reborn, the first of the Dark Britannia series from 2007, does not actually start that well with a number of tracks that do come across sounding like a bunch of old folkies trying to be hip with kids and failing. In the second half however it does become the most experimental and strangest of the quartet and so in the end Part 2 has 5 tracks more than Part 1. 

As with Part 1 it is a combination of great ancient tunes as well as some brilliant newer songs such as the wonderfull I shall leave you there by Sproatly Smith and the Ruby Throat track that could be one of Lana Del Rey's finest songs from her Sparkle Jump Queen era but there is also some great and strange distinctly Julian Cope like sounds/songs at his most experimentally pagantastic.

Check it out via Spotify below, converted from the Deezer original which is why in Spotify some of the track show the artist album rather than the Dark Britannia volume which is handy for further investigations of those artists.


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