Moon Film Reviews - 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' and 'Grudge Match'.

The Mandela film might have been more aptly titled 'Mandela: Long Wait for The Credits' because it was very long.  That said, it wasn't a minute longer than it needed to be and was gripping throughout.  It was particularly pleasing to see the prominence given to the treatment Winnie Mandela (played by the British actress, Naomie Harris) received while her husband (played superbly by Idris Elba, also British) was in prison.

The most affecting scene of the entire film was when Mr Mandela's daughter, Zindzi, went to see him in prison for the first time.  When the partition went back, well that was a moment of heightened emotion.

As for 'Grudge Match', what a lot of nonsense.  But very enjoyable nonsense.  Some wonderful lines for Messrs Stallone and De Niro and it was such a joy just watching Mr Stallone (try to) move.  But much the best one-liners were those of Alan Arkin, of course, a sort of male version of Sophia Petrillo just with more 'spicy' quips.

As Mr Wilde might say, 'vulgarity is wasted on the young'.  Such a shame, though, that such ridiculously predictable lines were given to Kevin Hart.  And nice to see Miss Basinger back on the big screen.

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