The Moon Recommends: Holy Flying Circus

I missed it first time round back in October 2011 but it was repeated last night and so will now be available via iPlayer until 11th JulyIt is about one of the greatest pieces of live TV ever. It was a debate between Michael Palin and John Cleese and "noted Christian Malcolm Muggeridge and Mervyn Stockwood (the then Bishop of Southwark)" over the "controversy" surrounding the release of Monty Python's Life of Brian. Check out this 10 minute Ubend clip which shows Michael Palin getting angry but not just angry his face permeates such incredible moral outrage.

He did not really need to say anything to win the argument as his face said it all along with the fact that it was Micheal Palin's face. That said he still had the best line: "yes I know you started with an open mind, I realise that." It was such a great example of the establishment putting their foot in it and exposing themselves. Sadly the spirit of Muggeridgen and Stockwood is alive and well if you listen to our "spiritual" or political leaders debate gay marriage or women bishops or just follow the policies or proposals of Michael Gove the Gnome our Minister for Education. Some of that Palinesque moral outrage is needed now as much as it was then. You can also see the whole 66 minutes of the debate show via Ubend:


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