A Best of Ty Segall 2012

The Ryan Adams of Garage Rock, the very talented Mr Ty Segall has released 3 albums in 2012. They consist of a collaboration with White Fence called Hair, Slaughterhouse from the Ty Segall Band and finally Twins as a solo record. The cover art of each release gives a good indication of the musical content and explains the lack of anything from Slaughterhouse appearing in the playlist below. Most of Twins does however and sounds like what you would hope an early Supergrass album would sound like if they had released one on an indie label circa 93 with riffs Graham Coxen would be proud of. Whilst Hair would be better as an EP though at its best it sounds like what you would hope Supergrass would sound like if they reformed. As with Supergrass and many of their peers Mr Ray Davies and the Kinks also loom large. Check it out on the Moon via Grooveshark. Sadly and strangely Slaughterhouse is the only one available via Deezer or Spotify though much of his extensive back catalogue is.


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