Damon Albarn's English Folk Opera Dr Dee and Rocket Juice & the Moon

Dr Dee » Dr Dee, an album by Damon Albarn on Spotify. 5 listens with adverts for non subscribers..
Dr Dee being Dr John Dee 

A person who is nearly 3 heard it and said "the music has gone wrong...maybe monsters are doing it"

I think Dr Dee would like that. 

Also on Deezer but sadly not yet on Grooveshark. However you can listen to a rather different Albarn project for an unlimited number of times with only on screen adverts here:

Rocket Juice & the Moon »
Rocket Juice & the Moon by Rocket Juice & the Moon available for free on Grooveshark. This is not available on Spotify or Deezer....
"Rocket Juice and the Moon is a musical supergroup. The group consists Damon Albarn (guitar, vocals) of Blur, Flea (bass) of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tony Allen (drums, percussion), longtime drummer and musical producer for Fela Kuti." 


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