#FactCheckuk in Leaflet Form #GE2019

Above and below are images of a leaflet I recently received through my letterbox. Like the #FactCheckuk Twitter account, if you look closely enough, it says it is issued by CCHQ aka the head office of The so-called Conservative Party.

It is as deceitful, misleading and as full of lies as our current so-called Prime Minister. Just one example is the claim that Labour's planned nationalisation of energy and water companies will cost each household an extra £2000 per year, when average household bills are £1,254 for a dual fuel deal and £415 for water per year.

As this is perfectly legal to produce, it is no wonder that Facebook have said that it is ok for their paid for political ads to not tell the truth.

As with in 2017 check out The Moon Guide to voting from 2015 and also for the best tactical voting advice in your seat go to Best for Britain

This time the stakes are even higher as there is no doubt that Boris Johnson and his so-called Conservative Party are the biggest threat to our economy, our Democracy and our Union and that any true Conservative with an ounce of moral fibre should be taking the advice of Michael Heseltine



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