Moon Film Review: Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) thinks that as Her Majesty surveys the swamp takes in the ‘talent’ pool from which she will choose her next Prime Minister, she could do worse than expand her search. For at large in the world is one person who seems eminently suitable to the job.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) writes of Muriel Hayes, the scorching centre-piece of the scorching ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’. Ms Hayes is one of the most powerful characters Your Cultural Correspondent (Film) has seen on screen for a very long time. Taking no prisoners, as it were, she speaks truth unto power, holding them up to the scrutiny they so often lack for not doing their jobs properly and much else besides. Fantastic! As, of course, is Miss Frances McDormand in what is surely the role of her career to date. But it wasn’t just her who shone. So did Mr Woody Harrelson who in turns left you laughing and crying and Mr Sam Rockwell who in turns left you tutting out loud and crying. In fact, all the cast deserve a large applauso as does Mr Martin McDonagh...well...for everything.  A marvellous film.

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