Multiple Moon Film Reviews: Gifted, Churchill, My Cousin Rachael and Whitney: Can I be me?

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and occasional concerts) thinks that if you were seeking shelter from the hottest day of the year so far, you could have done worse than to have passed many hours together at the cinema seeing 'Gifted', 'Churchill', 'My Cousin Rachael', and 'Whitney: Can I be me?'

Let's start with 'Gifted' the first of the four films Your Cultural Correspondent (Film etc) saw. They thought it very good, not least the acting of the two principals, Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace (give that child an award), and the two supports, Octavia Spencer and the sublime surely Dame-pending Miss Lindsay Duncan. In addition, the script was superb.

Speaking of superb script and acting, let's now turn to 'Churchill'. Mr Cox deserves a particular 'applauso' as does surely Dame-pending Miss Miranda Richardson. Stuffed full of noted troupers, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film etc) thought that the film was fascinating and excellent.

They also thought the same about 'My Cousin Rachel'. Naturally, the script was tip top, as was the acting, especially that of surely Dame-pending Miss Rachel Weisz. And on top of that, the country vistas: wonderful!

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film etc) left 'Whitney: Can I be me?' having learnt a lot. First, that Mrs Houston seems to have taken in this film the part that Mr Winehouse did in 'Amy'. No further comment should be necessary on that point. Second, Miss Houston had a fantastic sense of humour and infectious smile which somewhat challenged the perception Your Cultural Correspondent (Film etc) previously had of her: namely that she was up herself. Third, the ever increasing anger you will feel as the film goes on will in no way be lessened, rather it will be increased, when you hear that voice. As Dame Shirley Bassey recently said, 'Whitney had the range.' This excellent docu-film shows just what the world lost in February 2012.

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