Alex Rex and Charles Latham on The Moon

The Moon presents two more recently discovered artists brought to my attention by the excellent Folk Radio UK blog, and both can also be streamed directly from The Moon on any old devices thanks to the wonder of Bandcamp.

First up is Alex Rex aka Alex Neilson who is the founder, drummer and vocalist of Trembling Bells, a Folk Rock group based in Glasgow in The Land of Enlightenment to the north of The North, although Mr Neilson grew up in Leeds in God's Very Own County. The Trembling Bells have previously been on my radar as they feature on the pre-Moon A Best of 2010, but this debut solo LP is an instant boat floater. It is as much psychedelic rock as folk and has been compared to Captain Beefheart, but it also reminds me of Julian Cope at his most poptastic with Postcards from a Dream, but also his most brilliantly deranged with Song for Dora. A new Trembling Bells record is also due to be released in the Autumn.

Charles Latham - Little Me Time

Charles Latham is from Virginia, Trumpyland, but is now based Durham, North Carolina where he founded AntiFolk SouthEast after his experience with the Brighton AntiFolk scene as student in dear old Brexshitty Blighty.

I think it is his third LP, but there has also been a number of singles. Sadly, his whole catalogue is not all available in the usual places, some is on Bandcamp and Spotify has Fast Loans from 2012 and then a Best of Volume 1 covering 2003 to 2007, but only Little Me Time is available on Groove Music from Microsoft. His new LP is more alt-Americana and rock n' roll than folk but it does have a quirkiness reminiscent of  early Ezra Furman and Stanley Brinks with The Wave Pictures

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