A Best of Ezra Furman and the Harpoons on Spotify on the Moon

Mr Furman in the centre flanked by two Harpoons. 
Ezra Furman's last solo record was featured on the Moon and it was one of the albums of 2014 and I have since discovered that his first solo LP The Year of No Returning was also one of the finest records of 2012.

Before that he had recorded with the Harpoons and three of their studio albums are available to stream/sync in the usual places but there also exists a self released, college dorm recorded debut album called Beat Beat Beat as well as a self-produced album released in between their second studio album and their last called Moon Face, which included live recordings and some solo work from Mr Furman and, according to Wikipedia, "when the album was ordered through the band's website, one could include a small passage about themselves, and as an addition to the album, Ezra would write a song singularly for the purchaser". Many of these tracks can be no doubt be found on Ubend but below is a best of the three studio albums and, with hindsight, Mr Furman's decision to go solo was a good one as The Year of No Returning is definitely a step up from his previous albums but they are all half great and the sound, ambition and urgency of his solo work is all present on the first studio album from 2007 but the songs are just not as consistently great. The first album includes the least number of songs in the playlist but then it would have most in a very best of Ezra Furman and altogether it is great - as good as his brilliant solo albums and it all channels a combination of Bob Dylan with Jonathan Richmam at their very best with added rock 'n' roll.


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