Hannah Lou Clark on The Moon and the Disappearing Streaming Tracks

Ms Clark is from Hampshire, Leaverland, EU (for now) and had a previous incarnation as the lead singer in Foe who released an album back in 2011. Since November 2014, she has since released 3 EPs and has been  featured in Moomblogsfromsyb via both GIITTV and VPME.

She is one of a number of new artist that are taking their time to release a debut LP and instead releasing EPs and/or singles to the point they have more than an LPs worth of tunes before an LP is released. This has worked well for the likes of Wolf Alice and I hope it will also work for multiple Moon Best of offenders Black Honey. For others it has not, with some not managing to better their debut EP and then releasing an album on which all the best tracks have already been released.

Another thing many have in common is early releases disappearing from streaming services not long before the debut album is released, only for most of the tracks to re-appear, sometimes re- recorded, on the LP. This has happened with Wolf Alice and already with Black Honey despite there being no sign of an album being released.

This is annoying and an odd way to treat premium streamers who are early adopters and it does not send out a great message if an artist re-releases a track as the lead "single" for an album that had previously been available as part of an EP for up to two years previously.

Ms Clark's first two EPs contained 3 tracks and she has recently released a new 5 track EP. The excellent quality has been maintained from her debut EP and put together they make a mightily fine playlist that you can stream via Spotify below. Hopefully, all the tracks and/or versions will remain available to stream in all the usual places when her debut LP is released.

It has a great range in styles and the sound is like mix of PJ Harvey with Gemma Hayes, and on a couple of tracks she is remarkably reminiscent of the more tuneful parts of the latest LP from Emma Ruth Rundle.

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