Moon Film Reviews: Loving, Gold and Hidden Figures

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) went to see 'Loving' with a dear friend. At the end of the film, as we departed the cinema, said dear friend commented, 'it was a bit slow'. To which Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) replied, 'you're being very kind - it was very slow'. And dear readers, it was. Despite the interest of the story and the excellence of the acting, my it seemed to drag on. Let's hope that there is a successor piece focussing just on the Supreme Court hearing. It could be instructive for the current times we find ourselves in.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) thoroughly enjoyed, if that is the right adjective, 'Gold'. We have heard various things uttered about Mr McConaughey's performance, but we thought it was superb and it cemented our view that he is the world's foremost male character actor. And that he has cornered the market on grotesques.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) thinks that 'Hidden Figures' is a fantastic film. So fantastic in fact that the book upon which it is based has now gone on their Birthday List. The story is incredible and the acting is magnificent. If we had one 'observation' to make, it would be simply that we felt some of the stereotypical comic aspects of the main characters were unnecessary and they should have been treated with a bit more respect. But, overall, superb.

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