Moon Film Reviews: Silence and A Monster Calls

Mr Garfield with the offending facial and cranial hair. 

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) thinks that some people may say that a state of silence is the best thing to adopt when asked their views about 'Silence'. Although not once boring, it was strangely unmoving, except towards the end when the voice overs almost moved us to laughter. 

That said, a special applauso to the Japanese players all of whom were much better than the non-Japanese ones and surely the special effects people could have done something about Mr Andrew Garfield's facial and cranial hair.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) thinks that 'A Monster Calls' is one of the best and most moving films they've seen for a long time. The plot and the script were superb, but, above all, the acting of Master Lewis MacDougall was astonishing. He was mesmerising and went so far as to act all the other players off the screen. Fantastico!

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