A Best of Teenage Fanclub on Spotify on The Moon

Earlier this year Teenage Fanclub released Here their 10th Album. It is another solid LP and their most stereotypically Teenage Fanclub-like album since Songs From Northern Britain. It is also one of their most consistent, but as their first in 6 years and with three songwriters it ought to be, though Norman Blake did write half an excellent album with Joe Pernice on 2014 as The New Mendicants

They are a band that have never quite hit the big time but have had modest success here in Blighty and across the pond, and this is probably why they have managed continue to quietly get on with making  great  records. Their catalogue is more diverse than you might think, the general perception is that they just produce variants' of their early signature tune, Everything Flows, a grungy take on the sound of Big Star's September Gurls, but early on there was also some more modern influence from the likes of Dinosaur Jnr along with covers of The Beatles and Neil Young. Over the years their sound and songwriting has matured to match and more incorporate their 60s influences, but without becoming overly retro. The diversity of sound has also been aided by becoming a band of three writers of equal standing. 

The playlist below charts this journey, as it is just about chronologically ordered. I just mixed up their first two proper albums and singles in order to kick it off appropriately with the magnificent The Concept. Sadly, their full back catalogue is not available on Spotify, as I would have liked to have included some rarities and B-Sides, such as their original version of the poptastic Kylie's Got a Crush on Us, or a couple of B-sides from the Grand Prix era and, no doubt, some others I am not aware of.

You can convert it to most other streaming services using the funkay new upgraded Soundiiz 
However, for some reason Here is not available on Groove Music from Microsoft.

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