Lanterns on the Lake - Until the Colours Run on the Moon

I have been looking forward to this release for quite a while after coming across this band via the God Is In the TV  blog back in May when they previewed the video for the new single Another Tale from a English Town. That track interested me enough to check out their debut which sounds gorgeous though you need to give a little time for the songs to fully reveal themselves. It is the kind of album I would hope the Delgados would produce if they reformed.

Another Tale from a English Town suggested that the new album would be even more Delgado like but it is not quite what was expected as the band has lost two members, one of whom was an occasional lead singer. It is therefore more like an new Emma Pollock album but with her former band mates as a backing band. Obviously this is no bad thing especially as Hazel Wilde, who provided brilliant vocals on the debut and now takes on lead vocal duty on all tracks, has a voice every bit and gorgeous and distinctive as Miss Pollock. Musically it is both epic and beautiful; great stuff from the "desolate" north of The North where "They are not fit to breath our air". You can also listen to their early EPs on their Bandcamp page


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